How to keep skunks away from your property

Washington skunks are pretty harmless, but it is a good idea not to get to close. By getting too close you run the risk of getting a horrid spray or a bite. You don’t want a bite as skunks can carry rabies. Skunks love taking u habitats in backyard as they can happily live off human waste. If you can try and make your residence less appealing in order to deter them off from getting comfortable.

There are a few things you can do in order to keep Tacoma skunks away from your home:

Remove berries and natural food sources from the area. Tacoma skunks love scavenging for food and will happily eat what they can find. Rake your yard to pick up any fruit or nuts that have dropped off the trees.
Grass clippings can also contain seeds and nuts and can be a food source for the skunks.
If you own a bird be sure to pick up any dropped seeds
If you have any nice hiding spots be sure to get rid of them. Skunks love making homes among piles of tin or wood in the backyard. If you have a patio off the ground be sure to block it off so skunks cannot reside under it.
Piles of lumber can act as a shelter for the skunks store them in a shed or closed off area.
If you have large plants or bushes trim it all back so it does not seem as appealing and as protected.
Skunks don’t like lights they are nocturnal. Skunks will turn away from bright lights by lighting your yard at night it will deter skunks away from your home. A good option here is to use solar lighting to help save on energy costs.
Using a motion sensor that will come on when a skunk comes in close contact.
Motion sensor sprinklers. These will turn on when the skunk comes too close to it and it will soon deter them away.
Use a trap. There are spring loaded traps that entice the skunk into them with bait and then once they are in the door will close behind them trapping them inside. The skunk can then be taken away from the property. The best bait to use is canned sardines, peanut butter or any other type of strong smelling items.
The traps are humane and are used with success for catching feral cats and dogs and are known to work well with catching skunks. If you choose to relocate the skunk yourself be sure to wear heavy clothes and have your face away from the door when the skunk exits.
It is important to take precautions when the skunk leaves the trap as they may react this is unlikely but can be a possibility. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this or are inexperienced you can contact your local wildlife center who can take the animal and release it elsewhere for you. Once you have captured it put another trap down as they may well be another close by.

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